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Ranskalaisen mallin kuolema

Johnny Munkhammar on jo ehtinyt asiantuntevasti ottaa kantaa Ranskan levottumuuksien syihin. Johan Norberg julistaa ranskalaisen mallin kuolemaa ja kirjoittaa osuvasti miten (ruotsalainen) media reagoisi jos mellakointi olisi tapahtunut suuren saatanan GWB:n kotimaassa. Pikkupoika ei epäile hetkeäkään etteikö samanlaisia juttuja olisi ollut täälläkin Puolueen mediat täynnä.

Pikkupoika kantaa kortensa hautajaisiin lainaamalla muutaman pätkän (ranskalaisen!) Jean-Francois Revelin erinomaisesta kirjasta Anti-Americanism (Encounter Books, 2003), jossa osuvasti kuvataan tätäkin osaa ranskalaisen (eurooppalaisen) "hyvinvointi"yhteiskunnan saavutuksista. Mikään yllätys Ranskan mellakat eivät siis olleet, vaikkakin Puolueen virkailijoille nämä asiat ovat aina yllätyksiä ja selitykset kulkevat samaa vanhaa rataa. Keisarin vaatteet ovat edelleen koreat. Jos Puolueen malli näyttäisikin epäonnistuneen, niin sitten on kaikki muutkin mallit epäonnistuneet:
Lähes kaikki käytetyt siirtolaispolitiikan mallit näyttävät vievän törmäykseen
tiivistää Lasitalon emäntä, ja pikkupoika pistää olutkorillisen vetoa ettei jätetty varaus tarkoita sitä hirveää Ameriikan mallia, jota on sovellettu enemmän tai vähemmän menestyksellisesti vasta pari sataa vuotta...

"Leimaamista pitää välttää, samoin ennakkoluulojen lietsontaa":

Another French failure that contributed to the growth in urban violence (and rural violence as well, since the explosion of vehicle theft has given greater mobility to criminals) is the failure of integration. This disaster derives partly from the misguided notion of teaching that has prevailed over the last thirty years of the twentieth century, years that witnessed the last spasm of ideology. The ill effects of the notion in question are aggravated by the educational bureaucrats' fear of seeming racist in providing special classes for immigrant students -- or the children of immigrants -- for whom French is not a native language or an everyday means of communication, at least as they begin school. The pretext for this pedagogical absurdity is to avoid any discrimination against other students. And thanks to such policies, the justifiably feared discrimination has been institutionalized, as North African and other African students, lacking an essential grounding in the language, are condemned to a predictable and virtually permanent failure in school. This sort of failure, promoted by the pedagogues and their political allies, has continued to supply recruits to the delinquent gangs that haunt the neighborhoods. And then, a second hypocrisy, there is a refusal to admit what all serious surveys have established: adolescent violence comes above all from second-generation African immigrants, whose cultural integration has been stymied by a senseless educational policy. The fear of being accused of racism has led to politicians to dance away from the issue of ethnic origins when it comes to the street wars.

"Ei saa vaatia siirtolaisia opiskelemaan paikallista kieltä ja kulttuuria":

In France, on the other hand, the politics of diversity -- often called a l'americaine but more properly termed a la francaise -- has continued its rampage over the past two decades. It's not hard to imagine the cries of indignation that would greet any proposal to give remedial speech therapy to young North Africans and Africans (like the traditional practice in America) that remedied not only the students' accents but also their knowledge and handling of the language, written and spoken. It goes without saying that genuine bilingualism is a blessing, not a curse; but many young "Beurs" who finish their adolescence is academic failure -- to employ the euphemism that disguises the result of stupid educational theories as a sort of natural disaster -- don't know Arabic any better than they know French.

Relativismi kunniaan:

The unnecessary state of affairs is largely the product of an educational ideology that, on the pretext of honoring minority identity and promoting egalitarianism, has denied North Africans access to French culture, without preventing them from losing their own -- except when it comes to cheering Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. And it has resulted in the absolute contempt for the laws of the Republic that so many Beurs share. For them, the rule of law does not exist, and their wish to remain outside the law reveals itself in a strange form of behavior that I have often analyzed and which could be described as a mechanism for reversing responsibility for crime.

When the Beurs commit an offence, perhaps a murder, and then initiate gunfire during which one of their number is felled by a police bullet, they conveniently forget all what led up to the last event. In their telling, the scenario begins with the police intervention: in cold blood and without cause, the police killed an Arab.

"Väkivaltaisuudet on pienen vähemmistön tekosia":

The politically correct sociologists -- really, conformists of the pseudo-Left -- assure us that the radicals, who have transformed so many cities to "lawless zones," are but a small minority If this is the case, why haven't forces of law and order been able to control them? How is it that, for several years in a row (in Strasbourg and Nantes, for example), rioters could trash entire neighborhoods and burn hundreds of cars with impunity?

Sitä korjaa mitä kylvää:

Parental irresponsibility, which allows youth to spend their time haunting the streets in gangs, is the principal cause of neighborhood degradation, the spread of violent disorder and their inevitable slide of young people -- even children -- into delinquency and crime. Municipal authorities have tried to do something about parental dereliction of duty, proposing either to reduce the state-paid benefits to parents guilty of neglect, or to impose a curfew that would make children under twelve or thirteen years of age (indeed, much less than that, but how can anyone prove this when they have no identity papers?) return home before midnight. And for this they have been called fascist and racist by the parties, officials and journalist of the Left, which has been hard at work destroying one of the necessary conditions for assimilation.

The second necessary condition, success in school, has been undermined by the pedagogical theories -- or rather, antipedagogical theories -- deriving from the ideologies of 1968, which also began to be put into practice over the last quarter of the century. The deleterious effect that these have had for every category of student is naturally most severe for the children of immigrants, who have the biggest obstacles to surmount.

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